This is a very short story about life

July 3, 2018 No Comments


This is a very short story about life


Tonight I got back to the Hermitage just at sunset.

It is a beautiful evening.

I fill up the watering can with the hose and walk around the yard watering all the flowers and my beloved cacti. By the time I am finished with my task it is almost dark.

OH! I forgot to fill up the water bowl for the birds.

Quickly I turn on the water again and point the hose at the water bowl, sitting on top of my feeding board. The water rushes with full pressure into the small bowl and…just about with the same speed, it jumps right out of it again in big splashes.

All right- I turn the pressure down and try again. Still too strong, not one drop of water remains in the bowl.

That is the moment when I take a deep breath and pause. Gosh it is a lovely evening, what is the rush Anita? I turn the water way down until it flows in a steady trickle. Gently I lower the nozzle over the bowl and watch the happy trickle eagerly filling up the birdfeeder.

Now, I sit comfortably in my big chair. It has turned pitch dark outside. I enjoy the peaceful night. I am writing; My life is a gentle flow of being. Rushing it or using too much pressure=force leaves not one single drop of life in my vessel.

Yet gentleness and enjoying being in the now fills the vessel of my life abundantly.

Rev Dr Anita Lopp